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smp [career] supports companies in e-recruiting activities like active sourcing, application services or provision of talents from our global talent pool. One of our main competences is the synergy of our experience in analogue research combined with digital out-of-the-box thinking methods.

e-recuiting | active sourcing

How and where do you find your new employees and young talents? How to get cream of the crop for your company? How to convince the expert you need to work for you?

In a very complex and digitalized world, the fields of HR and digital recruitment are changing rapidly.

We are the link between companies and candidates. Knowing where to look for the needle in the haystack we try to find the perfect match for you. Using all the latest tools modern e-recruitment offers we focus on quick and high-quality results.

Using an active sourcing process our experts are looking thoroughly for the best match for the required profile.

application services

To support you with your search for new personnel, we offer different types of assistance and guidance within our application service:

- Creation and design of the perfect job ad
- Evaluation and comparison of various platforms for posting the job ad
- Handling and preselection of the applications
- Execution of first interviews via phone or video call
- Coordination of interviews regarding location and time

Additional service: Posting the job ad on our Website/Accounts

We can customize our services to your needs and expectations. Contact us and we make you an offer in accordance with your personal requests.

talent pool

Being part of smp means together we built a huge talent pool with potential candidates from all different kinds of backgrounds and fields of expertise we have access to. smp has been operating in this industry for more than 20 years and brings along a large network of talented employees and clients.

Because our business is meant for long term partnerships we also offer to build and maintain a talent pool for you. So if you do have many vacancies for the same department, we can help you to keep the candidates on reach, so you can fill occurring gaps quickly and efficiently.

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